Vendredi 01 Septembre 2017 - 21:00


Jk has been doing music since day one! He used to walk around on stage while his elder brother’s and sister’s were performing with the parents. At the age of 14 he joined a group called “F.O.G.” (Fly Over Gang)
Things were not working out so he decided to leave the group to focus on his soccer career.
There for he left everything behind and traded his euro’s for Pounds.
Everything was about faith, He gave it a try and got allowed at the Eastham-College.
5 years later he got hurt and couldn’t recover without surgery.
At that point JK decided to spend the time that he was used to spend on the fields, behind a piano.
He was around people who were musicly inclined.
Music was what he loved, music was what he had always been, so he decided to give it a second try, but this time on his own.
Back in Belgium for sad reasons, he recorded what would turn out to be his first single “Hello”
And in the mean time he signed a contract with Unusual Records.

Let the journey begin now!